Ayotte Says Northern Pass Needs To Bury More than 60 Miles

Aug 23, 2015

Senator Kelly Ayotte
Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte says she’s not satisfied with Eversource’s plan to bury an additional 52 miles of the controversial Northern Pass project.

The utility said last week it would bury a total of 60 of the 192 miles.

“They certainly made a step forward, but I think there is more that they could do,” Ayotte told NHPR.

In 2013 Ayotte told NHPR the entire line should be buried.

But Saturday she stopped short of saying that’s still her position.

She said she is still studying the change.

“I want to get into and review all the details and hear the public feedback on it as well.”

Democratic Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster, who represents the North Country, said she is pleased that Eversource is looking at alternatives to overhead lines.

So, I think this is a really important first step,” she said.

Congresswoman Ann McLane Custer's district include the North Country.
Credit Chris Jensen for NHPR

Asked if she thought the entire line should be buried she said:

“I am still listening to both sides.”

Ayotte and Kuster were in Bath for the opening of the Raymond S. Burton Museum and Learning Center.