A.G. Report: No Wine Was Ever Stolen From Portsmouth Liquor Store

Dec 5, 2012

State liquor store.
Credit Joe Shlabotnik / Flickr/Creative Commons

The New Hampshire attorney general’s office says an investigation has found that no wine was ever missing from a Portsmouth state liquor outlet.

For the past year, the state has been looking into reports of $100,000 of wine that went missing during the Portsmouth store’s move last November.

But a report issued Wednesday by Attorney General Michael Delaney finds the cause for confusion was Liquor Commission employees who misinterpreted a spreadsheet created during the store’s move.

"That spreadsheet was not a documentation of actual wine on the premises. It was an itemization of sales tags that had no direct correlation to wine actually in the store."

The initial discrepancy was reported to liquor commission leaders, which prompted an investigation. However, Delaney says the probe revealed no evidence of criminal conduct.

The attorney general’s office conducted 35 interviews and examined Liquor Commission inventory records and emails during its investigation.