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N.H. House Reps to Have Public Hearings on Members' Online Behaviors

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

The public will have a chance this week to weigh in on two N.H. House Reps who’ve been criticized recently for controversial comments they each made online.

Republican Rep. Robert Fisher of Laconia will have his hearing first on Tuesday. The issue at hand involves pro-rape comments Fisher made on a misogynistic Reddit forum.

Meanwhile Democrat Rep. Sherry Frost of Dover will have her hearing the following day. Frost is being scrutinized for her tweets, including one about white Christian men perpetrating terrorism in the U.S.

Both hearings are expected to be well attended. After that the Legislative Administration Committee has until June 1st to make a final report to the full House. Lawmakers could recommend anything, from doing nothing to expulsion.

Last week the House voted 307 to 56 to have these members actions looked into for possible reprimand. 

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