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Morning Shots: Comedy Minus Time, New Podcast Networks, And Nick Jonas

The comedians I love most tend to be the ones whose work is funny and strange and sometimes dark, and yet shot through with a real richness of ... humanity, for lack of a better term. Tig Notaro is exactly like that, and while it's sad that she's in the news in part because she's been diagnosed with cancer, it's great to see her doing what she does in a way that seems to be meaningful to both her and everybody else. [Vulture]

I'm not sure I really believe that Hollywood has figured out social media, but perhaps they're getting closer, and you can't argue with the fact that Ted sure made a lot of money. (None of it mine, full disclosure.) [The Wall Street Journal]

It's not every week you see two different announcements of new podcast networks a day apart, but today, comedian Jay Mohr announced his, and yesterday, Splitsider announced theirs. [Hollywood Reporter/New York Times]

Science has become very popular on YouTube. This also gives me an opportunity to link to They Might Be Giants' tremendous (if factually flawed, I am told) "Why Does The Sun Shine?" [The Los Angeles Times]

If you were worried about heptathloner Jessica Ennis, be assured that she will probably make a really, really lot of money. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Today in Who Cares, Really?: Nick Jonas may or may not become a judge on American Idol. [People]

There's an interesting story in The New York Times about television aimed at Hispanic audiences, but I will say: Nobody needs a reason to have rejected Rob. [The New York Times]

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