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Market Basket Reminder: Most Rallying Workers Not Actually On Strike

NHPR/Michael Brindley

Many people are under the impression that the Market Basket workers they've seen protesting outside New Hampshire stores are on strike.

That's not the case, at least not for most of them.

"No, we're not striking. We're just rallying," said Justin Desjardins, a 22-year veteran of Market Basket who was protesting outside the downtown Concord store last week. "We all plan on rallying. They're really pushing the 71 stores, 71 rallies."

Most workers are still filling their shifts, but are protesting outside their stores during off-hours.

Workers are encouraging customers to boycott and are demanding the return of former CEO Arthur T. Demoulas, who has made an offer to buy the company.

It's unclear where that offer stands with the Market Basket Board of Directors.

Drivers have been striking, which has led to the depleted shelves in Market Baskets across New England.

To those employees who are refusing to work, Market Basket has said they must return to work by Monday, or they'll find replacements.

The company says employees can return to work without fear of being penalized.

Market Basket announced several jobs fairs for next week in preparation for filling those jobs.