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Is N.H. Really Home To The Longest Mini Golf Hole On The Planet?

Red Sox vs. Yankees. Coke vs. Pepsi. Facebook vs. Twitter.  And now – Chuckster’s Family Fun Park vs. Rocky Gorge 4 Seasons Golf Fairway.

One is in the beautiful town of Chichester, New Hampshire, minutes from Concord on Route 4. The other is in Laurel, Maryland. On what grounds is this mini golf rivalry based? Both claim to have the longest mini golf hole on the planet. The stakes? Pride. Besides, who doesn’t love a good rivalry involving clubs, water traps and tiny pencils?

My research of the matter lead me through an internet search of epic proportions and a completely serious, business-oriented and un-fun visit to Chuckster’s. At nearly ninety degrees and five o'clock on a Thursday, I found myself walking the hillside-perched mini golf course, admiring the twists and turns of each fairway. 

The lack of windmills and other cliched mini-golf decor was refreshing. I don't care how funny you think it is to see golf balls go in and out of animals, er, orifices, it's overused and awkward.

Chuckster's adorable woodchuck mascot gave me smiling reminders to "Keep off the wall!" And I may or may not have tried their "upchuck" ice cream. Yum? Actually, yes. It's a combination of green cake batter ice cream, M&Ms and cookie dough pieces.  

Finally, I found myself at the one.

Credit Sarah Thomas
The Infamous Hole 13 of Chuckster's Family Fun Park

Hole 13. 

According to Chuckster’s website, hole 13 is “201 feet of excitement and anticipation.” And it really is long.

Starting about halfway up a hill, Hole 13 turns along a rock wall, bridges over multiple water traps, and finally ends in a basin of awesome with “two different ways to get a hole in one.”

My research did not end with an orange golf ball in the cup of Chuckster’s hole 13 -I had to find out how long its rival claimed to be.

And the winner?

Chuckster’s, by 12 feet. Boom.

You might be proud of your 189 footer, Rocky Gorge, but no one crushes a New Englander's sense of competition. Even when it comes to mini golf. 

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