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The N.H. News Recap for Oct. 22, 2021: Edelblut speaks with conservative group, COVID-19 cases on the rise

A river and large mountain in the background, dotted by fall foliage in New Hampshire.
Dan Tuhoy
New Hampshire Public Radio
Mountains in the fall, amirite?

COVID-19 cases are still on the rise in New Hampshire, including in schools. Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut is lending his support to conservative activists who want to overturn mask mandates.

And state health officials are figuring out what to do next after the state’s Executive Council rejected $27 million dollars in federal funding for vaccination efforts.

We talk about all of that and more on this week's New Hampshire News Recap.


  • Annmarie Timmins, New Hampshire Bulletin
  • Sarah Gibson, NHPR

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