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Travel Tips for Granite Staters Hoping to Catch the Solar Eclipse

Courtesty NASA/Robin Cordiner
People watching a solar eclipse in Ireland in 2015.

Public Safety officers in New Hampshire are warning residents to use caution while on the roads during Monday’s solar eclipse.

The warnings include: use your headlights during the eclipse, don’t take photos of it while driving, don’t wear the specialty eclipse glasses while driving, and especially don’t pull over on the breakdown lane to catch a peak.

But Captain John Marasco of the Office of Highway Safety says his best advice is this:

“Ultimately what we would really ask people to avoid travel during the eclipse at all – just like a blizzard if you could stay home that would be the best way to handle it," Marasco stressed.

The eclipse is expected to appear around 1:30 p.m. and end just before 4 p.m. The next one to come to New Hampshire is predicted to be 2024.

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