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Police Say They'll Be Out In Force This Weekend

Roger Wood

A New Hampshire Marine Patrol boat circled the waters of Great Bay, while State troopers flanked a Massachusetts State Police strategic vehicle. They were there to urge motorists in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts to drive responsibly. NH State Police major Chris Aucoin said that this weekend they’ll be looking for speeding motorists as well as those who are under the influence.

“It continues to be an ongoing phenomena that is killing people on our highways, in addition to distracted driving.”

And Aucoin says that a major distraction continues to be the use of cell phones.

“Without question, we're seeing more and more accidents that are happening for no reason other than the person is not looking where they're going because they're on a cell phone.”

Legislation passed during this past session will ban all use of handheld cell phones, using voice, data and texting while vehicles are in motion. It would, however, permit the use of wireless blue-tooth devices, and permit cell phone use by motorists who are stopped by the side of the highway.  That law takes effect next July.

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