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Merrimack Toll To Close Next Month, Removing Plaza To Cost $560K

NHPR / Michael Brindley

State transportation officials say they’ll stop collecting tolls at an exit ramp in Merrimack next month.

The elimination of the toll was included in a bill that increases the state’s gas tax.

Department of Transportation spokesman Bill Boynton says the toll at Exit 12 is scheduled to close on July 18.

“Signage will come down that night. We will channelize all traffic through the oversized, over width right lane at the plaza, relocate the three full-time employees that are at the plaza, and begin removal of the toll equipment.”

Merrimack residents have been fighting for toll relief since the state installed the three toll ramps in the town 25 years ago.

Tolls at two other two exits will remain, but Boynton says the state’s budget will still take a hit.

“The net revenue loss would be approximately $600,000 per year to the turnpike system with the closure of Exit 12.”

Once toll collection ends, Boynton says the work of demolishing the plaza and removing the equipment will begin.

He says that will take several months and cost roughly $560,000.

The 4.2 cent increase to the gas tax goes into effect July 1 and will generate another $32 million annually for road projects. 

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