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Morse Is New Senate President

State of New Hampshire

Chuck Morse won bipartisan praise for his work on the state budget, and before being voted in as the senate's new leader, he was was hailed by both Republicans as Democrats in nominating speeches.

Morse replaced Peter Bragdon, who gave up the gavel amid controversy after he took a job to leading the quasi-public local government center.

In his first speech as the senate’s new president, Chuck Morse urged colleagues to put the needs of their constituents first.

"As we debate in this chamber – and we will --  let us do so with convincing arguments, motivated by sincere desire to make sound public policy."

The sole vote against Morse was cast by Hanover Democrat David Pierce. He said he expects Morse to be a good Senate President but could not vote for him because Morse would'nt commit to change a rule now in place that bars the senate from considering non-binding resolutions passed by house.