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'Stand Your Ground' Repeal Gets Senate Hearing

GOP Senate leaders in have said they see no reason to again require people attempt to retreat if they can do so safely before they use deadly-force in self-defense. But Ryan Health, Chief of Police in Alton, law told the Senate judiciary committee that current law puts citizens at risk.

"What I am talking about is innocent bystanders, other individuals in public places."

When asked by a Senator if 'stand your ground' was "a bad law," Elizabeth Woodcock of the NH attorney generals’ office said it was. She also said arguments that stand your ground is needed to protect the public from overzealous prosecutors is false.  

"They do their level best to prosecute the people who really deserve prosecution, and not someone who is simply acting in defense of themselves."

But supporters of' 'stand your ground' said the law has caused no problems in N.H. and comports with the constitution.

"All persons have the right to have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of their person, their property, and the state – it does not say where or when."

Republican John Hikel of represents Goffstown.  Jennifer Coffey is with the group Second Amendment Sisters:

"This is a knee jerk reaction to media, this is all it is."

'Stand your ground' became law over the veto of then-Governor John Lynch. The repeal bill cleared the democratically-controlled N.H. house last month by a 5 vote margin.

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