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Witness Says N.H. Woman Staffed Genocide Roadblock

A lifelong Rwanda resident says that a New Hampshire woman charged with lying about her role in the 1994 Rwanda genocide to obtained citizenship detained her and other Tutsis — most of who were murdered.The woman testified that 43-year-old Beatrice Munyenyezi of Manchester was the one who checked her identification on April 20, 1994, and told her to sit on the ground with other Tutsis.

Vestine Nyiraminani says Hutu soldiers then led her and two dozen other Tutsis into nearby woods, where she saw her sister stabbed in the head. She says she fled.

On cross-examination the woman said she never saw Munyenyezi pregnant, but at the time Munyenyezi was three months pregnant with twins.

Munyenyezi's first trial ended in a mistrial after the jury deadlocked.

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