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Free Voter Identification Cards Now Available

If you show up to vote on November 6th, election officials will, for the first time in New Hampshire, ask for identification. Voters can show a driver’s license, military ID, student ID or a passport.

For those without an ID, the state is now ready to distribute a free voter ID card, says David Scanlan, Deputy Secretary of State.

"If a voter does not have one of the acceptable forms of ID, they can go to their city of town clerk, obtain  a voucher from the clerk, and then take that voucher to their nearest DMV, and obtain a voter ID in the same manner in which they would obtain a driver’s license."

Voters will receive a temporary card that can be used on Election Day. A more permanent card takes about two weeks to prepare.

Scanlan stresses that any voter who doesn’t have present an ID can still cast a ballot, as long as they are willing to sign an affidavit at their polling place.