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Small Batch: 'Younger'

While Pop Culture Happy Hour was out in San Francisco recently, we dropped by KQED and caught up with Emmanuel Hapsis, the editor of KQED Pop, the station's pop culture blog, and the host of its podcast, The Cooler. Along with our affinity for writing and podcasting about many of the same things, Emmanuel and I share an affection for Younger, which recently closed its third season (not all of which we'd seen when we taped in late October, of course).

In this Small Batch edition of the podcast, we chat about whether millennials are adequately represented by this show on which Sutton Foster plays a 40-year-old woman passing for ... well, younger. We talk about her love interests, the underappreciated work of one Hilary Duff, and much more. Follow Emmanuel on Twitter and ask many probing questions about taste in potential Sutton Foster boyfriends.

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