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Anti-Trump Protesters Keep Up Demonstrations Over The Weekend


OK, now, protests against President-elect Trump continued throughout the weekend in cities across this country. Member station KCRW recorded some of the thousands of demonstrators in Los Angeles on Saturday.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: (Chanting) Not my president, not my president.

UNIDENTIFIED PEOPLE: (Chanting) Not my president, not my president.

GREENE: Ron Gochez is one of the organizers of a march in LA. He says that he will do, quote, "whatever it takes to ensure Trump's policies are not enacted."

RON GOCHEZ: We have obviously sent a clear message that Los Angeles is not afraid. We're not going to be quiet. We're not going to stop organizing and defending our communities from the policies that surely will be implemented by Donald Trump.

GREENE: Protests also went on in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland and other cities. In Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Demonstrator Yvonne Ortiz (ph) described why she opposes President-elect Trump.

YVONNE ORTIZ: He opened up a Pandora box of hate instead of uniting this nation.

GREENE: Now, rallies were smaller yesterday, but there are more planned this week. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.