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Hillary Clinton Practices Her Trump Impression On SNL


It is an election season must-see. Presidential candidates ditching their scripted stump speeches and baring it all on "Saturday Night Live." Last night, it was Hillary Clinton's turn. She played a bartender named Val opposite Kate McKinnon, who did her usual Hillary Clinton impression. During the skit, Clinton took the opportunity to do her own impersonation.


KATE MCKINNON: (As Hillary Clinton) Oh, Val, I'm just so darn bummed. All anyone wants to talk about is Donald Trump.

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON: (As Val) Donald Trump? Isn't he the one that's like, (impersonating Donald Trump) oh, you're all losers?

MARTIN: Clinton got to make her dig at Trump, but she also took a little heat in the skit, admitting it took her a long time to support same-sex marriage. There was a nod to her problems connecting personally to voters and Clinton's long-held presidential aspirations.


MCKINNON: (As Hillary Clinton) Val, Val, I wish you could be president.

CLINTON: (As Val) Me, too.

MARTIN: No word on whether Val the bartender will show up for the first Democratic presidential debate on October 13. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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