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Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Big Three

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Back in the summer of 2010, we sat down to do our very first Pop Culture Happy Hour. We talked about Community, Wipeout, Doctor Who, and Netflix streaming. And now, three years later, we sit down for our 147th episode — which is, appropriately enough, all about the number three.

Stooges, Andrews Sisters, blind mice, sides of a triangle — all kinds of great things come in threes, and in this one episode, we do all we can to talk about as many as possible.

And, it must be said, we continue as we have for our first three years to hold to the conviction that the "happy hour" in Pop Culture Happy Hour is figurative only. No matter how loopy we sound, how much we laugh when Trey offers some biographical details or when Stephen falls into the gaping maw of a classic bit of comedy, we were entirely sober during the taping of this episode.

Midway through the show, I offer a quiz in which the fellas try to figure out what might be going on in the corners of my brain — always a fruitless exercise, even for me — and Jess unveils a couple of new production moves that, as you will be able to tell, we didn't anticipate.

As always, we close with what's making us happy this week. Stephen is happy about some of his true and eternal classics, including old pals with new digs. Trey is happy about a recent study on some of the effects of The Simpsons. Glen is happy about a chance for you-yes-you to meet him and hear him read from a book that, believe it or not, he has written. And I am happy about a marvelous man who isn't afraid to walk the runway.

If you've listened to the podcast for a while, you know that this Sunday, July 14, would be the day we've called Appreciation Day, the day set aside to express your gratitude toward your fellow human beings. While we didn't devote a specific segment to it, we encourage you to thank each other, thank your friends and family, and say the kindest things to them that you can muster.

Find us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter: me, Stephen, Glen, Trey, producer Jess, and esteemed producer emeritus and music director, Mike Katzif.

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