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Pop Culture Happy Hour: Bonus Q&A Session!

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After our recent live show, we hung around and took a few questions about the show, our own tastes, what it's like to work in a room where concerts happen, and more.

Glen will explore the question of voice similarity between himself and Trey, Trey and I will speak about our impressions of one of the year's big epics, and Glen will hear a public plea for a repeat of a popular series of tweets. And once again, we prove that we are probably the only podcast you listen to where "German art song" is a running joke.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who came, everyone who asked a question, everyone who didn't, everyone who listened, and everyone who has supported the show this year. We have a wonderful time doing it, and we really do talk to each other not infrequently about how fond we are of the community of you.

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