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Pop Culture Happy Hour: It's Our Summer Movie Preview! Bring On The Sunscreen!

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A drawing of two clinking martini glasses.

With The Avengers just opening in your local jillionplex, it seems like the right time to look ahead to summer movies and see what's on our radar, both good and bad. Dark Shadows, Safety Not Guaranteed, Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World ... well, you'll hear them all.

And because we want to expand our demographic reach (okay, it's actually also because we really like him and he's smart and will own us all one day), we invited much younger Digital Arts intern Joel Arnold — a/k/a "Intern Joel" — to share with us a few thoughts about the summer movie he's most excited about. As you'll hear, this led to a marvelous back and forth with Glen and made us all smarter.

As always, we close with What's Making Us Happy This Week, in which you will learn, among other things, that I will be on vacation next week, so you will be in the hands of whatever team of weirdos winds up behind the microphones in my absence. Good luck!

You can find us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter: — me, Trey, Stephen, Glen and Mike, along with Intern Joel, Tell us what movies you are and are not looking forward to this summer, and let us know how hot it will have to get before you see some of these turkeys.

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