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NHPR: 40 Years In The Making

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Former CEO and President of NHPR Mark Handley sits behind the microphone.

On August 4, 1981, NHPR went live on the air for the very first time. It was then known as Granite State Public Radio and WEVO. Take a listen back at some of our very first moments as New Hampshire's public radio station, and a few important milestones along the way.

You'll hear from Exchange host, Laura Knoy along with Keith Thompson and former CEO and NHPR President, Mark Handley reflecting on NHPR's evolution over the last four decades.

We'd like to know your fondest memories of NHPR. What moments or news stories heard here over the last forty years have stayed with you? Let us know by emailing us at voices@nhpr.org.

This audio postcard was produced by Andrew Parrella.