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A decade ago, the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder was one in 250. Today, it’s closer to one in a hundred. In this weeklong series, NHPR correspondent Sheryl Rich-Kern looks at the impact of autism on families, schools and towns in New Hampshire.Challenges of Autism is brought to you in part by the Endowment for Health.

Curtis Glover on Growing Up With Autism

Curtis Glover is a young adult with autism. He is finishing his senior year at Merrimack High School while also attending Nashua Community College. Curtis is a public speaker who discusses his experience as a person with autism. He and his mother, Sandi, talk with NHPR's Sheryl Rich Kern and answer the following questions:

What was it like for you as a young child? How did you develop social skills in middle school?

Can you see yourself living on your own?