Supporters Of Bill Allowing For Armed Teachers Say N.H. Schools Are Vulnerable

Feb 21, 2013

A bill that would give New Hampshire cities and towns the option of allowing licensed school employees to carry concealed firearms in schools went before a House committee Thursday.

Supporters say creating gun-free zones at schools make children and teachers vulnerable.

Angela Joy of Dover is a parent of two.

“I want my children protected. If I feel that in their school and in their community that they need an armed person, then I want that option.”

The bill requires towns first bring the question to voters. If approved, teachers and other school employees with permits could bring concealed firearms on school grounds.

The state’s two largest teachers’ unions oppose the bill.

Scott McGilvray is president of the National Education Association of New Hampshire. He says curbing bullying and addressing mental health issues are better ways to protect children against tragedies like Newtown.

“This is where we need to focus our efforts, not on staggeringly misguided ideas about filling our schools with firearms.”

Federal law prohibits firearms on school property.