Still No End In Sight For Fairpoint Strike

Oct 20, 2014

Union picketers in front of Fairpoint in Manchester.
Credit Ryan Lessard / NHPR

  With no meetings scheduled between Fairpoint and union heads, there appears to be no movement to resolve the strike that began last week.

Workers at the Manchester office have been picketing in front of the building around the clock since the strike began Friday. Roughly 250 Manchester employees are among the more than 1,700 workers on strike in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.

Kelly Torosian is an IBEW union member and Fairpoint employee who joined the picketers.

“All we want is a fair contract and a fair deal. We’re willing to give concessions but what they’re asking of us is impossible.”

The strike came just days after the company froze the workers’ pensions. The company insists it’s willing to consider proposals from the union that address the core issues of the negotiation.