SeaCare Health Services Help the Uninsured in NH

Feb 9, 2013

Dana Trahan was uninsured when she started to lose her vision, but did not realize that this was the result of a brain tumor. SeaCare Health Services helped her get the care and treatment she needed – quickly.

Dana: I would be watching my son’s baseball games and I really felt as if I needed to keep blinking my eyes to get focused on him, so I thought it made sense to have my eyes checked. Knowing that I didn’t have the health insurance, it was important to me to figure out a way to make this an affordable experience, and that brought me to SeaCare.

Thankfully I was able to quickly get myself to an ophthalmologist, but at the very initial part of the exam he noticed that there was swelling in my brain. He prescribed me a steroid to prepare me for what ended up being surgery. I had an appointment with a neurosurgeon, and I had my surgery not even a week later on Tuesday morning. SeaCare was helpful giving me advice as to if I needed long term healthcare what might be some steps that I could take. I was able to be approved for Medicaid, thankfully because I very quickly had surgery and many medical expenses.