Kasich Outlines Sweeping Plan To Balance Federal Budget

Oct 15, 2015

John Kasich has made the budgets he’s balanced – as a member of congress and as Ohio Governor – a central argument for his election. 

And as he stood next to a racing federal debt clock in Nashua, New Hampshire, Kasich told the crowd just because federal budget hasn’t been balanced lately doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

“So you say how do you do it? It starts by setting your priorities and having the courage to make choices that might be unpopular.”

Kasich spoke in front of this national debt counter
Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

Kasich choices include taxes cuts for businesses and high earners: the top individual rate would go from 39.6 to 28 percent. He’d also eliminate the estate tax, and increase a tax credit that helps the poor. 

Kasich would spend more on the military, while freezing increases on everything else. He’d also look to trim outlays on Medicaid and Medicare and scale back federal involvement in education and transportation, sending most of the money now spent in those areas back to states.