Governor Creates Commission To Monitor Medicaid Managed Care Implementation

Apr 10, 2013

Governor Maggie Hassan announced today the creation of a new Commission to monitor the transition of the state’s Medicaid program to a managed care model.

The 11-person body includes public health experts, advocates for the disabled, doctors, as well as Donald Shumway, former Commissioner of DHHS, who will co-chair the group along with Mary Vallier-Kaplan.

Last year, lawmakers approved managed care after years of debate. Three out-of-state companies will now effectively take over the joint federal/state health program for the poor and disabled.

The new Commission will offer periodic reviews to the Governor on planning, care quality and concerns of those impacted by the change.

Advocates of managed care say it will save money by increasing efficiencies.

The transition is already months behind schedule, effectively erasing the $15 million in expected savings this fiscal year.

The delay is due to some hospitals balking at rate negotiation with the three managed care companies while they await the results of a lawsuit with the state over Medicaid reimbursement rates.