Friday Is For Memes: Hologram Tupac

Apr 20, 2012

Tupac Shakur's posthumous, holographic performance at Coachella just may vault him to the top of the pack of hardworking dead performers - sure, Elvis tours regularly even though he died in '77, and Johnny Cash has released several critically-acclaimed albums after his official final curtain in 2003, but neither of them went viral the way Hologram Tupac has.

We'll start with @HologramTupac, who joined Twitter shortly after his big performance, and now spouts off some clever, albeit NSFW, rhymes of 140 characters or less. My favorite tweet so far: "Hologram Tupac Don't Follow Nobody!"

And on the internet, holograms take on special significance. Here's Hologram Tupac delivering a special (and, again, NSFW) message:

Hologram Tupac is getting so big, he's even inspiring other memes to sound off. As the Keanu Reeves image macro asks: "What if Tupac is alive, and I'm the hologram? Woah bro"