Executive Council Takes Refugee Money from Feds, but not Healthcare Money

Dec 14, 2011


Refugees in the state will receive almost a half million dollars of federal funding for health and social services.

The executive council had put that money on hold last month at the request of Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.

Councilor Ray Wieczorek says that he still has reservations about the number of refugees being resettled in Manchester.

Wieczorek: we ought to try to spread it out a little bit so that the responsibility is spread amongst at least eleven cities.

In contrast, the council voted to turn down federal money for planning a state health insurance exchange.

Councilor St. Hilaire was surprised that the vote failed.

St. Hilaire: I think at this point without accepting those funds we might see the federal government stepping in and imposing a system upon us.

The council also approved an 81 million dollar for the construction of the memorial bridge between Portsmouth and Kittery.