4.1.14: Pranks, Hoaxes & Cons, Oh My!

Apr 1, 2014

Happy April Fools! All jokes aside, we have a no-fooling show with a look at all sides of pranks, hoaxes, cons, and the experts who study and make them happen. Whether you're the creative pranker or the reluctant prankee - we've got the April Fools show for you. Oh, and don't forget your headphones! You know, just in case you can't listen inside your plastic-wrapped car.

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A Prank Gone Wrong

  • Senior Producer Maureen's friend Brett Siddell joins us to talk about a prank gone too far.


Piltdown Man

  • Last year Virginia sat down with Robert Goodby, archaeologist and associate professor at Franklin Pierce University to talk about the centennial anniversary of the discovery of Piltdown Man.

Jim Florentine

  • Jim Florentine is a stand-up comic, Howard Stern regular, and host of VH1’s That Metal Show. If his name doesn’t ring a bell, his voice might. He was also one of the guys behind Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers. the show with the pranking puppets. Senior Producer Maureen McMurray spoke with the professional prankster and stand up comic.

Sports Hoaxes

The Mark Inside