3 Piping Plover Nests Hatched in New Hampshire

Jul 2, 2018

Piping plover, Charadrius melodus, is an endangered bird.
Credit National Park Service

New Hampshire's Fish and Game Department says three endangered piping plover nests have hatched along the seacoast, and another is expected to hatch soon.

The plovers' breeding habitat in sandy coastal beaches and dunes is fenced with yellow roping.

Biologist Brendan Clifford said the goal is to protect the rare birds during their breeding season and manage the beaches as they become more crowded during the summer. The chicks are very small and hard to see.

Piping plovers are endangered in the state and threatened nationally. The nest is expected to hatch on July 4.

A total of 113 nesting pairs of plovers have fledged 147 chicks on the state's seacoast since the inception of protection efforts in New Hampshire in 1997 through last year.