11 for '11: Raymond Tallis

Nov 14, 2011

Here on Word of Mouth, we love brain science.  Brain-science in the courtroom.  Brain-science and aesthetics. Brain-science and poverty.  Image a brain and we'll hear your pitch with open ears.

Today we continue our series 11 for '11, in which we speak with innovative thinkers exploring issues that define our era.  Raymond Tallis says our instinct to blame "instinct" for behavior is a dangerous crutch, and our fascination with neuroscience is taking the humanity out of love, mental illness and more.  Even though we love brain-science at Wom, we have to admit he's got a pretty convincing argument.   Tallis, a former doctor and professor, is now a full time author.  His latest book is Aping Mankind: Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity.


The Aping of Mankind

The Guardian's Review of The Aping of Mankind