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Word Of Mouth 4.5.14

Taylor Quimby

The buds are popping, the snowbanks are melting, and spring-starved New Englanders are going out in t-shirts, even though it's not exactly t-shirt weather yet... but we don't blame you!  So before you go soak up some springtime sun this weekend, load up your [insert your favorite listening device here] with our latest smorgasbord of fascinating stories.  Then you've got something to listen to while you're out shaking off the winter blues.

The Full Show

Part 1: The Exotic Pet Debate

From snakes, to chimps, to tigers, exotic pet owners defend their right to care for untamed critters. Meanwhile, animal rights advocates are doing what they can to stop the purchase of exotic pets and place current ones into safe, accredited sanctuaries. Lauren Slater joined us to talk about the exotic animal ownership debate. Plus, NH birding expert Eric Masterson explains this winter's rare influx of snowy owls.

Part 2: Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Most retail return policies have a healthy dose of fine print, but a few brands will take back their products, no questions asked. From a business perspective, does it make sense? Adweek's Robert Klara explores. Plus, producer Zach Nugent asks a representative from L.L.Bean just how far they'll take their 'satisfaction guarantee'.

Part 3: The King of Prank Calls

Stand-up comic Jim Florentine, of Comedy Central's Crank Yankers, VH1's That Metal Show, and Howard Stern fame, discusses the inspiration behind his prank call series Terrorizing Telemarketers. Plus, Killscreen's Jamin Warren on why Facebook is putting so much stock in virtual reality.

There's more information about each segment from our Saturday show, including any links we mentioned during the broadcast, under the heading 'Related Content'.  Just scan the available selections to find what you're looking for, or email us at wordofmouth@nhpr.org if you have any questions!

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