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Word of Mouth

If Time & Money Were Unlimited, Who Would You Be For Halloween?

Logan Shannon
Share your ultimate Halloween costume fantasy, and maybe the less glamorous compromise you will actually be wearing. You can leave it on the Word of Mouth listener line, at (603) 223 2448.

Sci-fi and comic book conventions are known for attracting flamboyantly costumed fans, But nobody needs an excuse to dress up for Halloween. We know how much work it takes to put a great costume together – especially if making it by hand and the best-laid plans are easily trumped by the temptation to pick up an outfit at the Halloween pop-up.

We’d like to hear about your fantasy Halloween costume: if time and money were unlimited – what would you cook up? Medusa? Hair crawling with snakes? Chewbacca, with no hair out of place? A transformer that actually transforms? Or something a little higher concept?