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Word of Mouth

Six Songs For Celiacs

Our segment on celiac diet trends led us to local band, The Bramble Jam, and their song, "Gluten Free." It inspired us to separate the musical wheat from the chaff (so to speak) to create the perfect non-gluten playlist.

1. "Stay Gluten-Free! Gluten Will Kill You! Watch Out!" by The Hungry Food Band
An obvious homage to the disaffected punk stylings of the Dead Milkmen, the sub-ironic delivery pairs with the uplifting 80s-era keyboard riffs. This dire warning about gluten consumption will make you feel Up With People-level happy about it.

2. "Celiac Love Song," The Hot Toddies
Just in time for Valentine's Day: a sweet and poppy tune about being in love with a gluten-free girl. It kind of reminds me of Jill Sobule's "I Kissed a Girl." (Not to be confused with that Katy Perry song.)


3. "Soy Celíaco," Los Celíacos
Cute. Peppy. Political? In 2007, these Argentine supporters of a law protecting the health of celiacs sang about not eating wheat.

4. "Gluten Free Blues," Raffi Joe
Why so sad? Surely this rock-a-billy romp will cheer you up. Or, if not, you can do as the song suggests and eat your shoe.

5. "Gluten Free Adrienne," Knuckle Sandwich
Even metal-heads get agro over gluten.


6. "Gluten Free (Original Mix)," Konstress
This techno tune is perfect for when you're baking monster batches of gluten-free cupcakes.


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