New Hampshire Department of Education

Sarah Gibson for NHPR


The State Board of Education is getting public feedback on proposed Learn Everywhere rules that would make it easier for students to get high school credit for extracurricular activities.

Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut helped develop Learn Everywhere in response to legislation passed in Spring 2018. 

N.H. Department of Education

New Hampshire has approved the state’s first new university in six years - and it’s not your typical college.

Signum University offers online classes on sci-fi and fantasy literature, with topics ranging from Anglo-Saxon language to J.R.R. Tolkien.

It currently has 85 students in the MA program. The students pay tuition per course, with each course costing $650.

The test results for New Hampshire schools are in: proficiency in Math and English Language Arts are above the national average in most districts, and science scores are on the rise.

According to the N.H. Department of Education's annual report on student performance in state assessments, 58 percent of students are proficient at English, and 48 percent proficient at math.

Courtesy of N.H. DOE

The New Hampshire Department of Education is partnering with the New Hampshire National Guard's Counter Drug Task Force to improve substance use prevention and intervention for students.

On Dec. 6th, the N.H. DOE and the National Guard signed a 9-year Memorandum of Understanding outlining the partnership.

This is the country's first such agreement between the two groups.