Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

May 6, 2016
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Homegrown terrorism, gun violence, Zika - there's plenty of real stuff to get freaked out about. So can America be 100% safe?  No, says a security analyst and mom, and your kids know it's not - but that's ok. Today, a former homeland security big wig refuses to be ruled by paranoia and offers tips on how to prepare your family for the unknown without becoming a prepper.

Then, we'll catch up with the growing movement to get over the shame and secrecy and acknowledge that women menstruate...including a look into why tampons and pads are taxed as luxury goods in 40 states. 

5.10.15: Happy Mother's Day

May 8, 2015
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It’s Mother’s Day weekend, time to shower mom with flowers, candy, and homemade cards.  On today’s show we’ll hear the story of Anna Jarvis, the woman who spent ten years trying to establish Mother’s Day as a holiday, and the rest of her life trying to end it.

Then, the late night TV monologue is one of few times American audiences can still share a good laugh. We’ll talk to seasoned comedy writer Jon Macks, about the one time of day when power, rather than partisanship, is the punch line.

The Surprising Origins Of Mother's Day

May 9, 2014
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Happy Mother's Day! WoM is bringing you a special Mother's Day treat with two stories. The first comes from Andrew Phillips who spoke with host Virginia about the origins of Mother's Day. Andrew is curator of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum in Staunton, Virginia – which is also hosting an exhibit on Anna Jarvis and the origins of Mother’s Day. 

Playlist 5.13.12

May 18, 2012


Song/ Artist/ Album/ Label

Bless Me Mother/ Ana Egge/ River Under the Road/ Lazy Sob

Mama Tried/ The Seldom Scene/ Scenecronized/ Sugar Hill

These Days/ Jackson Browne and David Lindley/ Love Is Strange/ Inside Recordings

Main StreetBlues/ Mary Flower/ Bywater Dance/ Yellow Dog Records

Thank You Mom/ The Bagboys/ Sensible Music For Troubled Times/ The Orchard

Candles In The Rain (Childless Mothers)/ Darrell Scott/ A Crooked Road/ Full Lights

Mom's Jig/ Natalie MacMaster/ In My Hands/ Rounder