At Windham Rally, Pence Dismisses FBI Decision Not to Charge Clinton

Nov 7, 2016

Mike Pence
Credit Associated Press

Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence made a late-night visit to New Hampshire Sunday.

The Indiana governor met with supporters at a state Republican campaign office in Windham.

“We are two days away from a great victory all across the state of New Hampshire and all across the United States,” Pence said as he arrived.

Pence’s visit came just hours after the FBI’s announcement that Hillary Clinton would not face charges for a batch of newly-discovered emails.

But that news did little to temper the crowd’s fervor, who repeated the common Trump rally chant of “lock her up.”

Pence dismissed the latest development, saying it doesn’t change the FBI’s conclusion that Clinton was careless in her use a private email server.

“Mishandling classified information is a crime,” Pence said. “Literally right now, you’ve got everyone from a four star general to a sailor who are facing prison time who mishandled a fraction of the classified documents that the FBI concluded were on her server.”

Pence will be back in New Hampshire Monday night with Donald Trump for an election eve rally in Manchester.