What Virginia Learned While Playing Skyrim For The First Time

Apr 24, 2014

Credit Maureen McMurray

Authored by Sarah ThomasĀ 

We reached out on Facebook to find out what video game you wanted Word of Mouth host Virginia Prescott to play for our game show. Options were limited to Producer Taylor Quimby's Xbox games, which include Call of Duty, Skyrim, Portal 2, BioShock Infinite and Halo 4. The masses ultimately chose Skyrim, drawn to its "Game of Thrones-ness" and option to "pretend to be a stabby turn-of-the-century street urchin." With virtual mace in hand, Virginia bravely took on the world of Skyrim and learned a few lessons along the way.

  1. Look ahead, not up.
  2. Know the purpose of the game before starting the game.
  3. Be prepared to defeat your enemies at a moment's notice - and if all else fails, change your strategy.
  4. Pause every now and then to take in the beauty.
  5. (and the most crucial) Be patient.

Want more? Here's a video snippet of some of the action: