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Standing By Raw Milk : An Edible Minute

May 19, 2010

Got Milk? Maybe you do. But how about this: Got raw milk?

While the USDA opposes the sale of raw milk – they’d prefer you drink pasteurized - raw milk - straight from the cow, filtered and chilled - is making a comeback. It’s now sold in 28 states. Don’t bother looking for it at the store though.

People need to come here and they need to bring their own containers. They come here so they can see my animals, they can see our operation. They can decide for themselves whether the animals look healthy, whether everything’s clean.

That’s Clare Eckert. She and her husband Chris Woods run a small dairy farm in Plymouth. They milk their cows twice a day, the old fashioned way, by hand. Enough to satisfy the dairy needs of about 6 local families.

Some of them are convinced there are health benefits. Some of them grew up with it and it’s what they like.

Right now, farmers legally can sell just 5 gallons of raw milk a day. But a new bill would allow them to sell up to 20 gallons a day. That could mean a lot more people lining up at Eckert’s barn.