Seabrook Watchdog Group Fundraises For Radiation Monitoring In N.H.

May 28, 2019

Credit Jeff Cutler / Flick/Creative Commons

Activists are raising money to expand radiation monitoring around Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant. Federal regulators and the nuclear plant's owner, Florida-based NextEra, say Seabrook is operating safely.

But the nonprofit C-10 and other advocates are worried about cracks that are spreading in the facility's concrete. They also fear that rising seas and nuclear waste storage could cause public health threats in the future.

C-10 has monitored radiation in towns around Seabrook since the plant went online in 1990. Massachusetts pays for that monitoring in its towns around Seabrook, but the state of New Hampshire does not contribute.

C-10 wants to monitor more New Hampshire communities. They're working to raise $100,000 for the project over the next two years.