Romney Jokes About Bet; Stands By Criticism of Gingrich

Dec 11, 2011


Mitt Romney didn’t mention Newt Gingrich by name during a town hall meeting at a Hudson VFW hall. But he told reporters that he won’t back away from the tough talk of his campaign surrogates, including former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, who’s said that Gingrich is unstable.

“I am not going to distance myself in any way because those are their experiences, characterizations they’ve made. But I’d also note, however, that the most harsh criticisms of the speaker have come ... from those who haven’t endorsed me.”

 But the former Massachusetts governor did try to distance himself from one of his own comments, made during Saturday’s debate in Iowa – by making light of it. Romney, a multi-millionaire, has been criticized for challenging Rick Perry to a $10,000 bet as they clashed over health care.  Romney said he wife told him after the debate that there are a lot of things he does well, but betting isn’t one of them.