Report: More Than 2,000 N.H. Patients Getting Medical Marijuana Under New Law

Jan 17, 2017

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  More than two thousand patients are receiving medical marijuana in New Hampshire, including a handful of children and teenagers.

That's according to new numbers released by state health officials last week. The state legalization medical marijuana in 2013, but only began dispensing it last spring.

According to the report, the youngest qualifying patient is two years old, and the oldest is 98.

Most patients are using the drug to treat an undefined injury or multiple injuries, while others report using it for a spinal cord injury. Many are also using it as part of treatment for cancer or multiple sclerosis.

More than five hundred doctors and nurses in the state have certified patients to qualify for medical marijuana.

New Hampshire dispenses the drug at four alternative treatment centers.

Lawmakers will consider several bills this session that would ease access to the drug by expanding the list of qualifying conditions.