How the Presidential Nomination Contest Is Unfolding In Iowa

Nov 13, 2019

Caucus participants gather in Iowa.
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Candidates are courting voters in the Hawkeye state, as they are in New Hampshire -- but some with notable differences in terms of time, money, and the issues.  We check in on the campaign in Iowa, and look at efforts to make the caucus system more inclusive. 

This show originally aired Thursday, November 14.

PRODUCER'S NOTE:  We've altered this audio to correct the name of the chairman of Iowa's Democratic Party, which is Troy Price, not Tom Price. We regret the error in our original broadcast. 


Christopher W. Larimer -  Professor of Political Science at the University of Northern Iowa  who studies political behavior, Iowa politics, and the Iowa caucuses. He is also a frequent guest on Iowa Public Radio.  In this August program, he discusses what it takes to make a presidential campaign successful in Iowa. 

Kate Payne - Co-host of the podcast Caucus Land and eastern Iowa reporter for Iowa Public Radio

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Caucus Land from Iowa Public Radio News, a podcast co-hosted by Kate Payne and Clay Masters, covers Iowa's role -- the candidates, the voters, and the issues -- on the road to the White House. 

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Recent Iowa polls show Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has surged ahead into first place.  Buttigieg is doing well with voters of all backgrounds; still,  fewer than three in 10 likely caucus-goers say they're firmly decided on their candidate. 

Iowa Democrats consider various options to expand access to the 2020 presidential caucuses.