Hickenlooper, Possible 2020 Hopeful, Says Defeating Trump is ‘Essential, But Not Sufficient'

Feb 14, 2019

Former Colorado Governor -- and possible Democratic presidential candidate -- John Hickenlooper made a stop at New England College Thursday for a town hall session with students and local voters.


The former geologist touted what he sees as his accomplishments in Colorado, including stricter gun laws, and regulations that reduce methane emissions.


When it comes to the Green New Deal, progressives' plan to combat climate change,  Hickenlooper said he doesn't know all the details, but likes the notion.


And he called out President Trump for altering the U.S. NATO relationship.


"Clearly it has been stressed by President Trump,” Hickenlooper said. “I look at that stress as one of the most dangerous things. Of all the things I disagree with President Trump on, this is a place that should cause everybody's anxiety."


Defeating President Trump would be "essential but not sufficient," he said.



Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) spoke at New England College in Henniker, N.H. Thursday
Credit Robert Garrova

On the day that marks one year since the Parkland, Florida school shooting, Hickenlooper also recalled the day he had to address a massacre under his watch as governor of Colorado.

“We had the shooting in the Aurora movie theater in 2012 and I’ll never forget getting to the scene, looking at the video of the crime scene inside the movie theater: it’s just the most chilling images I’ve ever, ever seen,” Hickenlooper said. After that, he said, he made a commitment to mental health funding and re-thinking gun safety laws.


Hickenlooper said he'll decide on a presidential run within the next month or so.