Commission Proposes Ways to Fix School Bus Driver Shortage

Nov 2, 2018

Credit Johannes Thiel via Flickr cc

A new report from a legislative commission on school bus driver shortages has recommendations on how to address the problem.

The commission looked at ways to attract new bus drivers and keep existing drivers in the job. It was formed earlier this year in response to several school bus driver shortages across the state. In Northwood, a driver shortage caused school to be delayed by two hours for several weeks.

The commission's report recommends allowing bus drivers to apply for unemployment benefits in the summer months, when school's not in session. It also recommends creating a statewide certification program for school bus drivers.

Lisa Witte is superintendent of the Monadnock Regional School District and member of the commission.

“Because of the way drivers’ certification works, it’s not portable from district to district. So if you want to drive for multiple districts, you have to go through the rostering process all over again.”

Marc Raposo with the New Hampshire School Transportation Association was also a member of the commission. Reached for comment by email, he said he didn’t have time for an interview. He was too busy covering for another driver’s bus routes.