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NH News

Bipartisan Group Defends Gay Marriage

A New Hampshire interest group says they are disappointed with the Republican Party’s push to repeal gay marriage.

NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown reports.

Standing up for New Hampshire families calls itself a bipartisan group of citizens who oppose repealing New Hampshire’s 2009 gay marriage law.

At a press conference in Concord, the group urged the legislature to listen to their constituents, who support gay marriage 2 to 1.

The group’s spokesperson Tyler Deaton says that his group wants lawmakers to work on other issues.

Deaton: As a republican I can say that I feel it’s detrimental to the greater good of the Republican Party and the other things we want to accomplish in this legislature. This alienates independent voters and that will have ramifications at the ballot box.

The House judiciary committee voted this week 11 to 6 to replace same-sex marriage with civil unions.

For NHPR News, I’m Sam Evans-Brown