Big Dig 2? The Debate Over Boston's 2024 Olympic Bid

Jan 29, 2015

There’s been celebration but also consternation among Bostonians, since their city was chosen as the U.S. candidate to host the twenty-twenty-fours summer games. Boosters foresee economic growth, while opponents warn of logistical and financial nightmares.  Meanwhile, Granite Staters are wondering what’s in it for them.

Credit Shawn Carpenter / Flickr/CC


  • Mark Arsenault – reporter for the Boston Globe
  • Chris Dempsey - co-chair of No Boston Olympics, a group that has been organizing opposition to the bid
  • Rich Davey - CEO of Boston 2024


  • Tom Galligani  - Nashua’s economic development director
  • Charlie Arlinghaus – president of the Josiah Bartlett Center, and public policy columnist for the New Hampshire Union Leader