Antrim Wind Farm Proposal Headed to State Supreme Court

Aug 4, 2017

A simulation of the project prepared for the first proposal. One of the left-most turbines have been eliminated in the new proposal, and the second shortened so the hub is below the treeline.

The state's highest court will hear arguments involving a proposed wind farm in the town of Antrim.  It's the latest development in a years-long battle for the Antrim Wind project, which has been under development since 2009.

If completed, the project's nine wind turbines are expected to provide enough power for about 12 thousand homes. The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee gave the project a green light about eight months ago, and construction was expected to start in the fall. But opponents appealed that decision. 

"It's just plain on the wrong site," said Geoffrey Jones, Chairman of the Stoddard Conservation Commission. "I hope that somewhere in this process, people begin to realize that."  He said the project threatens valuable local forest areas and wildlife. 

The state Supreme Court accepted the appeal on Monday.