4.16.15: Electrosensitives Seek Refuge In West Virginia & The Monadnock International Film Fest

Apr 16, 2015

Since 2007, every single winner of the Scripps’ National Spelling Bee has been Indian-American – a fact that fuels stereotypes about so-called “model minority” students. 

On today’s show: the perils of labeling.  Then, we turn to a different kind of label: electrohypersensitivity. We’ll take a look at a growing group of individuals who claim to be suffering from the condition, and why they’ve moved to the national radio quiet zone. 

National Spelling Bee Champions Face Stereotypes

What Makes a Good Farmer

  • Shizue RocheAdachi is a student at Yale University, headed out to Morris, Connecticut to talk to a farmer who’s forgoing the labels and relying on a story, not just adjectives, to win over his customers.
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Electrosensitive Refugees